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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) In Toronto

Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is being performed more often as another treatment option for glaucoma, rather than or addition to, medications and other traditional glaucoma management. When drops alone are not sufficient in lowering the intraocular pressure, or a patient is suffering from adverse reaction to their glaucoma medication, SLT is a treatment offered to provide an additional aid in lowering eye pressure.

SLT is an effective, non-invasive and pain free outpatient based procedure performed in office. SLT uses short pulses of low energy light to target cells in the trabecular meshwork (sponge-like drainage system). The laser pulses affect only these cells and the surrounding structure of the meshwork is unaffected. This laser treatment induces an automatic response from the body by which the affected cells are cleared and the meshwork is rebuilt with increased porosity; increasing outflow and reducing intraocular pressure.

SLT can be considered a primary treatment option for patients who either cannot tolerate or are unable to self administer glaucoma medications or SLT can be used in conjunction with drug therapy.

SLT vs Drug therapy

SLT lowers intraocular pressure without the side effects and compliance issues associated with drug therapy. The cost of glaucoma medication is also limited or eliminated. Patients having  SLT may require multiple treatments.

Who is a good candidate for SLT?

  • Patients who cannot administer, or are intolerant to glaucoma medications.
  • Individuals who do not undertake medical follow-up treatments due to limitations.
  • Patients currently undergoing drug therapy who wish to use SLT in conjunction with glaucoma medications.
  • Patients who are not compliant with taking their glaucoma medications.
  • Patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, pigmentary glaucoma and juvenile glaucoma.




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Hours of Operation

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Why Choose Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre for your Lasik Surgery?

At Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre, we set ourselves apart as we focus on a direct surgeon to patient experience. As opposed to other laser vision correction centres, Dr. Skouras is your eye surgeon from start to finish. This a very unique service in the field of Lasik surgeries!

The most important decision you will make when deciding to have laser eye surgery is choosing your surgeon. Dr. Skouras brings 20 years of experience in performing laser eye surgery. If you do not choose an experienced and qualified laser eye surgeon, even the best tools in the world won’t produce the best results.

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