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Kamra Inlay Treatment In Toronto

Kamra Inlay Eye Surgery Kamra Inlay is a revolutionary device designed to help patients see without the need for reading glasses.

As we age, our natural lenses becomes stiff, in turn compromising our ability to focus up close. This condition, known as presbyopia, generally occurs in individuals in their mid-40s. It becomes progressively worse, and requires reading glasses or bifocals.

Kamra Inlay helps to restore near and intermediate vision without affecting distance vision, allowing patients to live their lives without having to deal with reading glasses.

Video: Treat Presbyopia with Kamra Inlay Implants in Toronto

Learn about Kamra Inlay as a solution to your presbyopia condition. Visit Dr. Skouras today to learn more.

How Does the Kamra Inlay Work?

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Size comparison:KAMRA Inlay vs. contact lens

Kamra Inlay is an opaque, round micro-disc with a small opening in the center that blocks unfocused light, allowing only focused light to reach the retina. These focused light rays enable you to see at all distances.

Kamra inlay is placed into an intra-corneal pocket made with a laser or beneath an existing LASIK flap in one eye only. The inlay is smaller than a contact lens and sits in front of the pupil; it is virtually imperceptible.

Benefits of the Kamra Inlay

Kamra Inlay eliminates dependency on reading glasses and bifocals, providing better vision when performing everyday tasks like reading books, computer screens or text messages. Kamra Inlay is both safe and effective as well as completely reversible. The procedure is only performed in the non-dominant eye.

Prior to approval in Canada in September 2012, Kamra Inlay was used for a decade in over 40 countries. Dr. Skouras was one of the first ophthalmologists certified to do the procedure in Canada.

Who Is a Candidate?

Whether you have been wearing reading glasses for presbyopia for years or only just started to wear them, Kamra Inlay can give you freedom from your glasses!

Suitable candidates for Kamra Inlay include those with presbyopia who are looking to reduce or eliminate their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. If you have noticed that your near vision has decreased and you are tired of the hassle of contact lenses and glasses, Kamra Inlay may be a good option. If you have undergone LASIK but have recently begun to experience loss of your near vision, you may be a good candidate for Kamra Inlay.

Contact Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre

To arrange for a complimentary assessment, contact the Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre to see if you are a candidate for Kamra Inlay by calling 416-590-0445, or by sending us an email.

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